DCA Vantage™ HbA1c Reagent Cartridges

Quantitative HbA1c measurement to aid in diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes.

The DCA Vantage™ HbA1c Reagent Cartridge is designed to quantitatively measure the percent of Haemoglobin A1c in blood and must be used in conjunction with the DCA Vantage™ Analyzer.

The measurement of haemoglobin A1c concentration is recommended for monitoring the long-term care of persons with diabetes. This HbA1c test can also be an aid to diagnose diabetes and identify patients at risk for developing diabetes.

In-clinic HbA1c testing helps you more efficiently manage your patient. It may also reduce the effort and time needed to sort, send, receive, and collate lab samples and reports.

This assay is not suitable to diagnose patients with:

    • A haemoglobinopathy, but normal red cell turnover. For example, a sickle cell trait.
    • Abnormal red cell turnover. For example, anaemia’s from haemolysis and iron deficiency.
    • Iron deficiency  and  haemolytic  anaemia,  various haemoglobinopathies,  thalassemias,  hereditary  spherocytosis, malignancies, and severe chronic hepatic and renal disease.


Haemoglobin A1c (whole blood): Range: 4mmol/mol to 130 mmol/mol (2.5% to 14%)

Intended Use

The DCA Vantage™ Haemoglobin A1c assay is intended for professional in vitro diagnostic use at the point of care.