Who can order through this website?

Only licensed medical professionals in Singapore can order through this website.

When can we receive our goods?

For existing stock, you will be able to receive the goods in about 3 working days. If the goods need to be specially ordered, Pharmaforte Sales staff will contact you to inform the lead time.

What is the minimum order to entitle free delivery?

To enjoy free delivery you must order above $100. For orders below $100, a fee of $7 SGD will be charged.

How do I know my order is process?

Upon receiving your order, Pharmaforte Sales staff will contact you to confirm the orders and delivery dates.

When do I make payment?

For new customers, the default term is COD and Pharmaforte Sales staff will contact you to setup a payment account and discuss the payment terms.

What is the payment method?

Currently cash, cheque or bank transfer (off the platform) can be used.