The reliable frontline test for detection of glucose and protein.

Siemens Healthineers Reagent Strips for Urinalysis include test pads for protein, blood, leucocytes, nitrite, glucose, ketone, pH, specific gravity, bilirubin, and urobilinogen.


Product Highlights

Siemens Reagent Strips are ready to use upon removal from the bottle. The strips may be read visually. They can also be read instrumentally using the CLINITEK® family of Urine Chemistry Analyzers and the appropriate software. Siemens Reagent Strips with ID bands provide Auto-Checks when read on select Clinitek instruments. Auto-Check include automatic strip identification and quality checks.


Product Features

The ID bands will trigger important automatic checks (Auto-Checks) when used with the following CLINITEK® analyzers:

The above analyzers will activate an automatic quality check that ensures only results from validated Siemens test strips will be reported. This activation will prevent errors that may occur when non-validated urinalysis strips are used on the above analyzers, since their performance on these analyzers cannot be guaranteed.

The test strips can be used on Siemens’ CLINITEK Status® and CLINITEK Advantus® analyzers without impacting performance.

Benefits of Auto-Checks

The analyzers listed above have software that recognizes the ID bands and provides the following Auto-Checks for improved workflow, results integrity, and clinical information for the busy office or laboratory:

  • Minimizes false-positive results*
  • Enables user compliance with IVDD regulations
  • Provides printed sample interference notes
  • Eliminates the need to manually select strip

 *Only available with Siemens test strips that have the leukocyte pad


Refer to our Compare Multistix for a comparison of test parameters offered for each test strip product.